Brita Beach Tennis 1st online beach tennis course. Learn from the Best! Simona Bonadonna
Brita Beach Tennis 1st online beach tennis course. Learn from the Best! Simona Bonadonna

why choose brita?

Brita Class joins Brazil and Italy, the two greatest Beach Tennis powers in the world.
We offer online educational content, specially designed to spread Beach Tennis worldwide. Our class methodology is based on more than 20 years of practicing and experience of three great champions of this sport: Simona Bonadonna (ITA), Joana Cortez (BRA), and Samantha Barijan (BRA).


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Our team

Simona Bonadonna Beach Tennis Brita Class

Italian National Beach Tennis Team Coach and Coordinator of the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) instructors training courses. Former world #1 player and director at B-Side Beach Tennis Coaching School.

Simona Bonadonna
Joana Cortez Beach Tennis Brita Class

Olympic tennis athlete (Sydney 2000). A professional athlete since 2008. Former world #1 player, 3-times world champion in teams, World champion in women and mixed doubles, and 7-times Pan American champion. Metta Beach Tennis School director.

Joana Cortez
Claudio Martinelli Beach Tennis Brita Class

Claudio is forward-thinking Brazilian entrepreneur, who has joined forces with three athlete/partners in order to make Beach Tennis as big as other mainstream beach sports.

Cláudio Martinelli

Play at a high level
and teach Beach Tennis!

Our course is based on a safe and certified educational platform, with video classes and extra content, allowing you to manage your time and learning speed.


We have developed a complete course, which is dynamic and objective, ideal for you who wants to practice the sport, be a professional or a Beach Tennis teacher!

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Brita Beach Tennis Course Module 1 Basics

coming soon

modules 2, 3 and 4

Brita Beach Tennis Course Module 2 to 4

What am I going to learn with brita?

Discover all the course content, objectively and dynamically designed to attend from beginners to whoever wants to work with Beach Tennis.

Brita Beach Tennis Course Module 1 Basics

Part 1

Beach Tennis Introduction
• Beach Tennis History
• Beach Tennis Rules
• Beach Tennis Instructor
• The Basket
• Class Structure

Part 2

Beach Tennis Techniques
• Grip
• Initial Position
• Dynamic Volley
• Static Volley
• Short Ball

Part 3

Beach Tennis Techniques
• Smash
• Defense
• Underhand Service
• Service
• Service Learning Phases

Brita Beach Tennis Course Module 2 Intermediate

In the next module, which will be available soon, we will go further into the Beach Tennis techniques and then discover the tactics that will take your game to the next level 😉

This module will also be divided into 3 parts, allowing a better division of the related content.
At the end of all modules, you receive a certificate.

Brita Beach Tennis Course Module 3 Advanced

In Module 3 – Advanced, the content becomes even more specialized. We present techniques and tactics that require a strong knowledge of the sport, so it is essential that the student has done the previous 2 modules. We have specific lessons for those who are training to become BT coaches and teachers, showing how to the training children, teenagers, and young people.

The module will also be divided into 3 parts.

Brita Beach Tennis Course Module 4 Professional

In the last module, you become a professional player and a complete coach. The content of this module covers all Beach Tennis activities and offers you a great advantage in the sport. We will look at topics such as physical preparation, nutrition, physiotherapy, and psychology. In addition, we will have special content with even more exclusive subjects, such as biomechanics, and others.

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      Perhaps you can find here the answer you are looking for, if not, talk to us 😉

      How many modules is the course divided into?

      The course is divided into 4 modules: Basics, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional, and will be soon available.

      Is the course only for training teachers or also for amateur players?

      No, it is for everyone interested in knowing, learning, studying Beach Tennis, and those who want to become teachers and work with the sport.

      Can I do Module 2 without having done Module 1?

      No. All students must start in Module 1 – Basics, and progress according to the completion and approval of each Module.

      When can I receive my certificate?

      You receive the certificate after the completion of each Module. The modules are divide into parts, and you need to complete all available lessons to take the test at the end of it. You should obtain more than 70% correct answers to get the certification.

      Do I need to have a special license to apply for the course?

      No, it is not necessary to have any special license or degree to do the course.

      Can I open the lessons on multiple devices?

      You can open the lessons on 2 devices at the same time. If you connect any new device, the first one will be disabled.

      How long will the course content be available?

      The content of each module is available for 120 days from the purchase date.